Richard Uglow first started playing classical piano when he was seven. Although he always loved playing, he didn't take it seriously until he started studying jazz with Ted Moses when he was a teenager. Ted also mentored Richard in the skills of composition and arranging. He made his first $100.00 from music while in high school by receiving an award at the Canadian Stage Band Festival for a composition he wrote for the school jazz combo. He has now been playing and recording music professionally for 30 years. At 19 Richard started playing in professional bands around Toronto, most of which played R’n’B and top 40 music. Over the last two decades, he has played and/or recorded with a number of artists including Hell + High Water, The Mighty Pope, Jane Child, 3 plus 3, Morris Albert, Errol Star, Joe Johnson, J. Douglas, and his wife Jasmin Uglow. 

Jasmin Uglow's first experience with music started off as a gospel singer at the tender age of five and continued into her late teens. Coming from a strong Christian and musical family she didn't really have much of a choice, especially when the church was just next door. Having a choir behind her, amplified her experience and seasoned the quality of her performance as a lead vocalist. She built her confidence as she graced the stages of many churches and concert halls in her early days.

Her father Ralph was a trumpeter and vocalist whose appreciation for classical, jazz and soul music helped in channelling her versatility.  Her mother Maureen Bailey was an avid folk singer whose voice swayed and balanced her take on music. On her own, Jasmin embraces her folk roots as her main first love of music, but as a vocalist and writer, she is always compelled to do more as she engages in different genres.

She is proud to call Canada home, as she was born on the island of Montreal in Quebec, but her lineage is of African Caribbean and a quart of Scottish.

 Jasmin is also a professional studio musician and co-producer in some of Toronto's top recording studios, with well-respected producers and songwriters in the industry. She has worked on projects at recording studios such as Studio 92, and Thunder Dome Sounds, including The Canterbury Music Company where she did her first jingle for Credit Canada.

She's performed at many of Toronto's best venues such as The Rex, Gate 403, The Orbit Room, The Home Smith,  Alley Catz, The Baycrest Gala, and Voices of the Nations concerts at Nathan Philip and Mel Lastman Square just to name a few.  Her vocals can be found in many songwriters' compositions, in different languages, and in different genres. Her music has been aired on radio stations like C.B.C. radio, iTunes-Music, and Smooth Jazz. She is hosted on various online music avenues such as iTunes, CBC-music, Merchant Murango RECORDS, CDBABY, URBAN LAUNCHPAD, Toronto Star-ENTERTAINMENT, NOISEHEAD, CD   Universe, GREAT INDIE MUSIC, AirPlay DIRECT, Bebo, and Midomi, just to name a few. Jasmin is currently busy as a songwriter for hire and continues to make her living as a recording and performing musician. Throughout her career of writing, performing and inspiring,  she has always stayed true to her love and appreciation for music as well as her spirituality, as she continues to write, record and perform great music. These days, Jasmin is involved in making music matter, a project she started through her non-profit organization...Humanity in Music. The learn more, visit humanityinmusic.com