Jasmin Uglow is a Canadian musician who's has contributed to Canadian culture as a songwriter, vocalist, producer, and vocal coach.  Her ability to adapt, compose, and articulate music on a wide spectrum has polished her profession as an artist. As a performer, Jasmin collaborates with other  musicians with the focus of discovering ways to expand her musical capacity. Her personal and musical companion, Richard Uglow is her sound recording partner in the studio, and at live events.  

In Jasmin's own words, she describes herself as her husband's biggest fan. "Richard is the reason why I'm so versed in jazz, an enlightenment that has enhanced my professional skills. He's one of the most talented and patient people I know." 

When she's not working the stage, Jasmin enjoys her practice as a vocal coach, and use to be the proud owner of the original Music For Life Conservatory Inc. prior to the pandemic.  

Despite being busy in and out of the studio, Jasmin is inspired to (Make Music Matter!) 

In 20 21 she founded Humanity in Music - L'Humanité dans La Music, a not-for-profit organization to help raise awareness and funds for other non-profits and charities. A decision that was based on her appreciation for the Alzheimer's Society.  To learn more, click on humanityinmusic.com


Jasmin performing songs from the Album, Remember Me.