Thank you to everyone who supported the concert and the fundraising initiatives towards the Alzheimer's Society, including the viewers, sponsors, performers, production personnel, and EVERYONE who helped in making Remember the music possible. A special thank you to Jim Thomas and all the creative work he put into making Remember the music a great success. 

Here is your advanced access to Fallen Hero, a single from the album, Remember Me, with Jim Thomas on flute, Devon Ellis, his grandson, on trumpet, Richard Uglow on piano, and guitar, and Jasmin Uglow on vocals. This song was written by Jasmin Uglow, musical composition, and production by Richard and Jasmin Uglow at Studiuglow in Toronto.  

Proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer's Society of Toronto, with great hopes of raising more awareness and generating more financial support for caregivers and people dealing with the effects of Alzheimer's and Dementia.  


The lyrics are posted below.

An instrumental version with lyrics is available on Youtube at - Fallen Hero Instrumental. 


My fallen hero 

Your weathered rose is fade 

You are an angle  

Upon this very day 

My prayer has ended 

Because there’s nothing else to say 

My da-dee-doo-dee-doo-da-dey 

You'll always be my hero to me 


In my dreams, we’re walking 

Walking through the streams of life 

Holding hands and talking 

Until the day is night 


But when the day is gone 

We’re separated by the night 

I have lost you along our journey 

Because my angel said goodbye

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